• Building Plan Approval (BPA)

    Before a Construction Certificate is issued for any proposed development works, an assessment needs to be made as to whether your proposed works affects or impact on existing Sydney Water assets and you may need Sydney Water approval to ensure your new building works will not impact on their pipes and structures.

    The first step is to submit your building plans to Sydney Water via Sydney Water Tap in at http://www.sydneywater.com.au/tapin.

    If there is no impact in most cases approval can be given on the spot.

    If your plans look like they may impact Sydney Water assets, you will require a Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) such as ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd, who will determine any special requirements and stamp your plans accordingly. Your building plans must be stamped before work can commence. The WSC is your contact when dealing with Sydney Water.

    Your ACOR WSC Consultants Water Services Coordinator will:

    • Review your plans and discuss options with you
    • Advise if you need a Service Protection Report (Peg Out), which helps determine soil structure and the location and depth of Sydney Water pipes
    • Advise you if structural engineering detail is required (ACOR Consultants have specialist Structural Engineers in house who can expedite this process for you)
    • Arrange supervision of concrete encasement and piering
    • Advise you of any asset protection requirements and alternative options
    • Issue completion package to Sydney Water

    How long will take it to approve my building plans?

    • If you require a Service Protection Report, this will take approximately one week and involve a site inspection to locate the sewer and includes survey location pegs and preparation of plans
    • The Service Protection report then needs to go to a Structural Engineer who will provide a section and plan indicating the Sydney Water Asset in relation to the development. ACOR Consultants have in-house Structural engineers who can expedite this process for you
    • Once ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd has the section and plan, it will take two or three days for us to approve your plans. Note: when the pipes are larger than 225mm and depth to invert over 6.0m and pipe materials are not standard, your application will be referred to Sydney Water. This process could take up to an additional three weeks
    • ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd will send the final completion pack onto Sydney Water

    What costs are associated with my Building Plan Approval?

    Charges for Building Application Approvals depend on what services are required. Please call us for a quote on Sydney 02 9438 5098 or Western Sydney on 02 9634 6311.

    Charges are usually required for the following services:

    • Service Protection Report (Peg Outs) - onsite inspection and preparation of plans
    • Stamp building plans with conditional approval for your building certifier to satisfy your DA conditions including submission of final package to Sydney Water
    • Concrete encasement inspection and issue of certificate
    • Pier validation inspection and issue certificate if required
    • Asset adjustment application
    • Lodgment summary fee (if applicable)

    Submit your Building Plan Approval or Service Protection reports

    An application fee will be advised upon receipt of your application.


    Max. Size: 5000kb Extensions: pdf,dwg

    eg, Stamped DA Plans, Structural Plans

    Max. Size: 5000kb Extensions: pdf,dwg

    Please note: File sizes of less than 5MB each can be uploaded here, for larger files please contact us.

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