• Water Service Coordinator Section 73

    What is a Section 73 Certificate?

    If you are:

    • Developing
    • Subdividing land 
    • Creating a dual occupancy
    • Constructing a residential, commercial or industrial building
    • Needing Building Plans Approved prior to obtaining a Construction Certificate from your Principal Certifying Agency or Council

    and you are in the Sydney Water catchment area you are likely to need Section 73 Compliance Certificate to determine whether your development or subdivision will meet Sydney Water’s servicing requirements. These services include Water/Recycled Water and Sewer, and in some cases Stormwater systems.

    You are not likely to need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate if you are constructing a house that is replacing an existing dwelling or altering/extending a house - but to determine this you should get your building plans checked and stamped at a Sydney Water office or a Quick Check outlet.

    Why do I need a Water Services Coordinator (WSC)?

    As Sydney Water does not accept applications directly you will need to engage a Sydney Water accredited Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) – such as ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd - to apply for your Section 73 certificate.

    Applications for an extension or an adjustment to Sydney Water assets or for permanent road closures must also be made through a WSC.

    A Water Services Coordinator will liaise between developers, design companies and Sydney Water. They will prepare and lodge:

    • Section 73 Applications electronically direct to Sydney Water (Note: Sydney Water now only accepts electronic lodgments)
    • Sewer and Water designs direct to Sydney Water for approval
    • Final Project Management documentation to Sydney Water

    Why ACOR WSC Consultants?

    ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd is an authorised Sydney Water Servicing Coordinator with highly experienced and skilled designers, project managers and engineers. As multi-disciplined design specialists you can be assured ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd will provide services which are accurate and efficient – ensuring the smooth running of your project and saving you time and money. 

    We are able to undertake:

    • Water Service Coordinator (Section 73)
    • Building Plan Approvals (BAP)
    • Service Protection Reports (Peg Outs)
    • Pier Inspection & Concrete Encasement Supervisions
    • Designs – Sewer & Water Infrastructure 
    • Project Management - Sewer & Water Infrastructure

    Should your project require specialist engineering services we provide the following services:

    The Process

    To get a Section 73 Certificate:

    You will need to engage ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd by calling our offices on Sydney 02 9438 5098 or Western Sydney on 02 9634 6311.

    We will then:

    • lodge your application with fees*
    • receive an advise letter (complying application) or a Sydney Water Notice of Requirements (NOR) letter specifying charges to be paid and work to be constructed
    • receive Section 73 Certificate

    Note: While a Section 73 application is a standard fee, other charges may apply dependent upon the particular development.


    How long will it take?

    Sydney Water generally take 6 weeks to process and determine the requirements of Section 73 applications. 

    Section 73 Application form

    ACOR WSC - Including GST $550.00 (including GST) Sydney Water - $401.59 (GST free)
    Total = $1,006.59





    Max. Size: 5000kb Extensions: pdf,dwg

    eg, DA Consent Form, DA Plans, Subdivision Plan, Hydraulic Plans

    Max. Size: 5000kb Extensions: pdf,dwg

    *Please Note: All applications referred to Sydney Water have a turnaround time of 60 days. Applications that can be assessed by ACOR WSC Consultants Pty Ltd (on behalf of Sydney Water) have a minimum turnaround time of 10 working days. This will be confirmed upon receipt of ALL documentation noted above. NOTE: Your application cannot be processed until all the above required documentation is supplied.

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